Personal Finance for LGBTQ Immigrants

LGBTQ immigrants face unique personal finance challenges. Listen to our podcast on what LGBTQ immigrants and their partners need to know about money.

We had a great time speaking with Debt Free Guys on personal finance matters for LGBTQ immigrants.

Check out our podcast here on \”What LGBTQ Immigrants Must Know About Money.\”

In this episode we cover:

  • The experience of being an immigrant in the U.S. and impact on money mindset
  • Why money mindsets of immigrants can differ from that of Americans
  • How immigrants get personal finance information and the need to learn more
  • Why many immigrants mistrust financial systems
  • How the repeal of DOMA impacted immigrants
  • How couples with one immigrant partner can plan financially, including setting up an immigrant empowerment fund to prepare for emergencies
  • The difference an immigration attorney can make
  • How undocumented immigrants can get a bank account to protect their money
  • How immigrants are able to immigrate to the U.S.
  • How the immigrant and LGBTQ communities can support each other and be stronger together through solidarity
  • Planning ahead to prepare for challenges
  • Educating yourself about your rights and options

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