Episode 102. Edward Junhao Lim on Libraries as Seeds for Immigrant Entrepreneurship

Edward Junhao Lim, an Immigrant Finance School alumni and Business & Entrepreneurship Librarian who immigrated to the United States from Singapore one year ago, shares a bit of his story and how he became a librarian focused on entrepreneurship. He especially emphasizes the importance of libraries as places of learning for immigrants who want to learn about finances and entrepreneurship.

Using his experience arriving in the U.S. and wanting to get some information about finances, he was inspired to apply his entrepreneurship knowledge to help other immigrants like him find more information about the subject.

Edward also shares with us why he is passionate about the opportunities of entrepreneurship:
👉 \”If you work for somebody there\’s always a limit, but if you work for yourself and become an entrepreneur, there\’s no limit.\”

Edward encourages you to don\’t be afraid to ask for help, that\’s how you will improve yourself.

Edward is the Business & Entrepreneurship Librarian at the University of Connecticut. He was previously at New York University Shanghai, in China. Prior to that, he was the business librarian with stints in interlibrary loan, marketing, & user experience at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Ask him anything on Twitter @BarbarianEd and connect with him on Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/edwardlimjunhao

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