Episode 23. Fijeh Aadum of Immigrants Thrive on Social Entrepreneurship

Join us for a fascinating discussion with Fijeh Aadum of @ImmigrantsThrive all about social entrepreneurship – creating a social impact business from a place of service to help others – including her entrepreneurial journey in Nigeria and her recent experience creating an online business after immigrating to the U.S.

Fijeh Aadum is a bestselling author of Masters of Success, speaker, educator, and founder of Immigrants Thrive and FRAFoundation. She hosts the Thrive with Fijeh, a Financial Literacy Podcast that teaches people to take control of their finances, lead in business, and create generational wealth starting with what they have. She throws light on the issues of Money, Wealth, and Finance in The USA and Canada.

With over 16 years experience in Enterprise Development and Financial Services, Fijeh has made it her life’s mission to Educate Immigrants in North America providing the tools and resources to live a fulln and wealthy life. Her passion for Enterprise Development Across Africa is expressed in her work at FRAFoundation where she and her team mentor and prepare startup’s and small business owners to take up the challenges of doing business in a global world and impacting their communities positively. She expresses herself through her books, blogs and podcast shows, Thrive with Fijeh and The Startup Dialogue.

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