Episode 27. Scarcity Mindset Is The Source of Racism And Money Mindset Challenges

We stand in solidarity with the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community during these difficult times. The many escalating violent attacks against the AAPI community are one of the many manifestations of the white supremacist culture and systemic racism in this country.

As described by Whitney Parnel of Service Never Sleeps, scarcity mindset – the idea that there are scarce resources, not enough for everyone, and that resources have to be taken away from others to have enough – is the source of racism.

It\’s also the same mindset that blocks us from thriving and building wealth. Believing there are not enough resources for us is the source of many money mindset challenges.

But scarcity mindset is a myth. There are enough resource for everyone. The natural state of the world and each of us comes from a place of abundance.

All human lives deserve to thrive, be free, and be valued equally. There is enough for everyone in our shared humanity. Everyone should be able to live their best lives and reach their fullest potential. That is justice.

Sign on to Asian American Advancing Justice\’sCollective Statement – \”A Community-Centered Response to Violence Against Asian American Communities.\”

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