Episode 40. Social Entrepreneurship: Creating an Online Business That Helps Others

Listen to Immigrant Finance Podcast episode 40 on how to start an online business that helps others and changes the world.

Wanting to make more money and build wealth does not make you a selfish or greedy person. It takes massive resources to make massive change. You can create a business that creates value, and thus resources, that is focused on helping others and making the world a better place. This is social entrepreneurship — creating a social impact business from a place of service.

Immigrant families are needed more than ever in the social entrepreneurship space.

Immigrants know how to be resourceful and not give up despite challenges.

Immigrants know how to solve problems.

Immigrants know how to rebuild when the structures as we know them have fallen down, how to innovate, and create new possibilities that can help others.

Immigrants should be not only involved in building the online business new economy but also leading the creation of solutions for the biggest problems we face.

For more support on creating a social impact online business, apply to Immigrant Finance Business School™, our Online Business Accelerator Coaching Program at https://immigrantfinancebusinessschool.com

Because immigrants and their families deserve to build generational wealth too.

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