Episode 41. Kevin Muñoz of @Latinamericaneo On Building Financial Power By Investing As An Immigrant

Listen to Immigrant Finance Podcast episode #41 with our special guest Kevin Muñoz of @Latinamericaneo. He speaks On Building Financial Power By Investing As An Immigrant.

We discuss Kevin\’s immigration story, the meaning of buying a home for immigrants, becoming the first investor in your family, and helping others in your family and community get started with investing by being the example and helping them feel more confident.

We also talk about starting an online presence to help lift up others and give back and the tremendous financial buying power that Latino immigrants have. Kevin does a great job explaining the potential of that power if more immigrants start investing and building wealth. Yes, YOU can invest!!!

Kevin is a 24-year-old proud DACA recipient. Born in Guatemala. He and his family immigrated to the U.S. in 2002. In search of work, they hopped around states like California and Colorado until they finally made the beautiful garden state of New Jersey their home. His parents worked hard to provide a life for his sister and Kevin and they wish they had. It was thanks to their numerous sacrifices that they were able to get a great education. They quickly realized the lack of resources for immigrants like themselves when they applied for colleges. Kevin created LEO to better educate a community unable to access financial advice and educational resources, Both of which are common roadblocks in the Hispanic community to purchasing and preserving assets as well as building wealth.

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