Episode 46. 3 Reasons Why Investing In Yourself Is The Best Investment You’ll Ever Make

Learn how to invest in yourself and why it\’s important in Immigrant Finance Podcast episode #46: \”3 Reasons Why Investing In Yourself Is The Best Investment You\’ll Ever Make.\”

The best best you can make is on yourself. The long term investment gains from investing in yourself are higher than any stock market investment.

Investing in yourself is also about changing the question – instead of asking how much will I lose now, it’s about how much will I miss out on if I don’t invest in myself?

Ultimately, choosing to invest in yourself is about believing in yourself, and believing you are worthy.

How can you invest in yourself?

There are so many ways! It can be anything from carving out more time to rest to participating in learning experiences that will help you grow to the next level and have more opportunities in the future.

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