Episode 49. Overcoming Fear of Losing Money When Investing

Listen to episode #49 as Adina from Immigrant Finance talks about Overcoming Fear of Losing Money When Investing.

Do you have a fear of losing money when you invest? If so you are not alone.

Adina gives 3 key strategies on how immigrants can overcome the fear of losing money in order to become investors. She also covers the story of how her and Mauricio overcame their own fears to get started investing and practical steps you can apply.

Search for Immigrant Finance wherever you listen to podcasts and download this episode to get all the details.

If you enjoyed this episode, this is a great example of the kinds of things we teach in Immigrant Finance School. IFS is our 6 week personal finance and building wealth group coaching program for immigrants and their families. We empower people to make that shift from surviving to thriving to build generational wealth. So if you\’d like more information on how to move from surviving to thriving head on over to immigrantfinanceschool.com

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