Episode 52. Building Momentum In Your Business Through Your Vision

Listen to episode #52 as Adina from Immigrant Finance talks about Building Momentum In Your Business Through Your Vision.

Adina shares how you can start building momentum in your business and you don\’t want to miss it. Adina shows you how helping others is the key. It is not about you and not even about the money. It is about a larger purpose, which is to make a difference, and make an impact on others.

Once you understand that, the solutions on how to get there start to fall in place. Our brains start to problem solve. The momentum starts building. Things that once felt terrifying and you didn\’t have the courage to do get less scary. Like humans, businesses are meant to grow.

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Think about what is your big why, what is your ultimate vision?
How can you make the world a better place?
Keep an eye out for the signs.

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