Episode 59. Rasheed Ojerinde of Progressive Migrants on Mental Wellness & Financial Mindset for Immigrants

Listen to our special guest Rasheed Ojerinde, LMHC, LMFTA, NCC of @progressivemigrants share his wisdom and insights in the Immigrant Finance Podcast episode #59.

Rasheed Ojerinde, LMHC, LMFTA, NCC, is a licensed mental health professional with years of experience providing direct mental health and behavioral counseling. He is also a Nigerian-American who recognizes and can identify with the nuanced experience of being a 1st generation immigrant.

As a dedicated bicultural millennial therapist with a passion for serving his community, He loves being able to educate and inspire fellow immigrants on the importance of mental health and wellness. Our mental health is an important part of our overall wellness. Being mentally healthy allows us to thrive in all other aspects of our lives including personal, professional, and social. In essence, our mental wellness has a direct correlation to all other aspects of our wellbeing. This includes our financial well-being.

He believes that adopting a healthy mindset is a critical part of fostering a healthy relationship with money. A healthy relationship with money is the cornerstone to building generational wealth. With a healthy mindset, there are no limits to what we can achieve financially!

You don\’t want to miss this episode. Learn how to find balance through a healthy mindset as Rasheed and Adina encourage you to move forward in discovering your motivation.

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