Episode 6. Elena Hernandez Sixtos, Confidence Coach & Founder of Sixtos PR on Online Business as an Immigrant & Child of Immigrants

Listen to the inspiring immigration and online business story of Elena Hernandez Sixtos, Confidence Coach & Founder of Sixtos PR. Elena provides valuable insight on navigating mindset and confidence when you are a first time online business owner from an immigrant family.

Elena is a 27 year-old Mexican-American born in Oaxaca, Mexico and raised in York, PA currently residing in NorthernVA. She is a proud immigrant and child of immigrants. She has a passion for helping others with confidence and embracing life struggles as life lessons. She started a blogging fitness journey on Instagram @elenitasjourney and built a career in coaching and consulting. Elena loves creating content, spreading awarenessof body positivity, connecting with otherentrepreneurs, and traveling.



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FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/sixtospr/

WEBSITE: http://www.elenahernandezsixtos.com

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