Episode 111. Can My Immigrant Parents Invest?

Many people in our community are concerned about how their parents are not investing and have no retirement plan. What makes this even more frustrating is not know whether as an immigrant their parents are even allowed to invest.

When your parents have no retirement plan, you know you and/or your siblings likely will be the one who have to bear the consequences. Almost all of our Immigrant Finance School™ students, for example, are the retirement plan for their parents. For many families it’s often unspoken, and never discussed, but everyone knows what the future will look like when their parents have no retirement plan.

This is not something you want to avoid: planning in advance will only make things easier in the future.

If this is you, one of the best things you can do to lessen the burden is to become the leader on finances in your family and teach your parents how to start investing for retirement. Do what you can today to learn the rules of the money game and become a confident investor.

In Immigrant Finance School™️, we teach immigrant families how to invest and build wealth regardless of their immigration status or background.

And if your parents are open to learning about investing on their own too, even better.

For Spanish-only speaking parents, we have Escuela de Finanzas de Inmigrantes™ – a version of our signature Immigrant Finance School™ program in Spanish.

Learn more about Escuela de Finanzas de Inmigrantes™ at https://finanzasdeinmigrantes.com

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