Yazmin Lopez on Building Her Business Katharisma Cleaning LLC


Yazmin discusses her journey of launching the business of her dreams and how it has helped her family serve their community, be in a better financial position, and have more options. 

Yazmin provides invaluable advice on how to develop an online business and find clients online even as an in person local business, genuinely network with other business owners, share your story authentically in your marketing, set up an LLC and business taxes and finances, build a team of support (including your kids!), and work past mindset challenges when starting your business.

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IG: @katharismacleaning608

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/katharismacleaning608

Katharisma Cleaning LLC is a family business serving Dane County, Wisconsin, and the surrounding areas. They help families to keep an organized and clean home to enjoy and give back time by providing reliable cleaning services.

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