Episode 43. The Power and Choices Financial Planning Gives You During Family Emergencies

The Power and Choices Financial Planning Gives You During Family Emergencies.

In this episode, Adina talks about the options and choices you can have during family emergencies when you have a financial plan.

Early in their financial journey, her and her husband Mauricio had to miss out on important family moments good and bad because they could not afford to buy flights to Ecuador.

Fast forward 8 years later, when a family emergency just came up money did not have to get in the way. There was no question about what to do. This is the power a financial plan can you give you and why building wealth is about doing what\’s best for your family.

It was only an option for Adina and Mau to bring Mau’s parents here from Ecuador to get vaccinated because of their financial planning.

This was a choice they would not have had 8 years ago when they lived paycheck to paycheck with no emergency savings.

Building financial stability allows you to have choices during emergencies so you don’t have to choose between money and your family. So that you have a choice in the first place.

More people need to be able to make choices like this right now to protect their loved ones. Whether it be the harsh immigration laws separating families, financial instability, or lack of information about financial planning, having financial stability gives you more options to choose from when you respond.

At Immigrant Finance, we want to see every immigrant family have options and choices for their families.

If you don’t have an emergency fund, start saving for one today.

You can’t control what will happen in life, but you can control whether you are financially prepared for whatever comes.

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