Episode 44. Nina Started Two Online Business Ideas and Changed Her Entire Financial Mindset

We are so honored to have had the opportunity to support Nina in her financial empowerment. The child of refugees, Nina is the first in her family to invest and start online businesses.

Listen to this testimonial to hear about Nina\’s personal finance journey and experience in Immigrant Finance School™ and learn how she started her new online businesses she is building including @crochellabyn. Nina did such an amazing job in the program really pushing through fears and embracing new mindsets in order to step into her financial power. This allowed her and her mom to launch their online business on Etsy selling beautiful handmade crochet items, @crochellabyn!

Nina is a trailblazer for building generational wealth in her family. She is paving the way to break the cycle of poverty and lead her family from surviving to thriving.

Make sure to check out @crochellabyn and visit their Etsy shop to buy beautiful handmade crochet items including adorable baby gifts: https://www.etsy.com/shop/crochellabyn/

Thank you Nina for sharing your story and being such a leader in the Immigrant Finance community!

Want to learn about building wealth through managing money, investing, and online business? Apply to Immigrant Finance School™: https://immigrantfinanceschool.com

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